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ACM MAJU Chapter

Mentor: Mr. Sarmad ALi

Electrical Engineering Society

Patron: Mr. Sufyan Ahmed

Biosciences Society

Patron: Dr. Huma Javed

Business Administration Society

Patron: Ms. Uzma Khan

Economics & Finance Society

Patron: Ms. Zartashia Imran


Patron: Ms. Tayyaba

Entertainment Society

Patron: Mr. Mirza Naveed Baig

Performing Art Society

Patron: Ms. Fariha Khalil

Volunteer-ln-Service Society

Patron: Dr. Muhammad Meraj

Personality and Character Development Society

Patron: Ms. Maryam Hanif

Entrepreneurship Society

Patron: Ms. Asma Chang

MAJU FM 97.6

Patron: Mr. Ali Nasir

Sports Society

Patron: Mr. Muhammad Faisal Majid



Jinnah- ACM is the university society in alliance with ACM. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a global organisation. The community brings computing professionals from education, research, and field together. The core values of the ACM are

The global discussions on the potential problems are the centre of attention in this association.

ACM’s global membership program expands to counsels in China, India, and Europe. In Pakistan, we have access to the ACM through Student Chapters. Jinnah-ACM is worth mentioning in the list.

In the ACM-Student Chapter, Jinnah has access to ACM Student Excellence Program and Scholarship program under UPE/ACM. Upsilon Pi Epsilon is an honorary computing association. Two awards up to $1000 each are awarded yearly with a recommendation certification to the winners.

The ACM Distinguished Speaker Program is another glorious element of the student chapter,Jinnah is not an exception. This is one of the most eminent technology outreach programs in the Computing industry. ACM DSP has more than 250 lectures from 100 prominent computing professionals.

In the Jinnah-ACM chapter, We create a growing environment to bring together the talent in Technology available on the university ground. Members come together and help to learn and handle real-life projects at an international pace.

Personality & Character Development Society

At Jinnah, we pay serious attention to the professional & personal development of our students. We focus on grooming, etiquette, and anti-corruption modules in this society. The objectives of our Personality & Character Development Society are as under.

To instil the fundamental human rights with values and honour
To motivate our students t love their culture, country and future.
To raise sound and solid people in the personal and professional sphere.
To remember our Heroes and To learn from their Lives.
To provide an equal platform for students to express themselves via skills and talents.
To create resilience in the new generation for social evils
To fight back against Curroption through awareness.

Jinnah Performing Arts Society

Our Performing Arts Society at Jinnah offers students a comprehensive and vibrant platform to unfold and develop their creative talents. We organise seminars, theatres, and singing competitions, helping the new generation unleash their hidden talents.

All these performing arts help to enrich the expressions. As humans, we have different ways of expressing ourselves; some write very well, some are born singers, and some love to play particular roles. At Jinnah, we teach confidence and polish skills to win the future.

Our the year, our university offers exceptional help to our Jinnah Society of Performing Arts as we have multi-facet performance programs on various levels. This society is most engaging and welcomed by students on a larger scale.

We love the excitement and vigour our students show with their god-gifted talents, un-matched quality with the spark of originality offers much to perform before the audience.

Jinnah School of Bussiness Administration Society

The Business Administration Society is our very vibrant association on campus. The main objective of this society is to link industries, students, and the government together. Linkage increases and enhances exposure, and our students get better awareness about tools and trends in the latest business world. This society aims to help develop new ideas to fulfil changing country’s needs.

During the entire study plan, the Jinnah School Of Business Administration Society keeps students on the go. We conduct various events, seminars, and meetings. We participate in expo and industry development on the multi-facet scenario to provide better and enrich exposure to our business students.

The aim is to help the understanding of our students about the system in the country in the sphere of business, industry and economics around the nation. The importance of government procedures and procurements is always included and updated.

Jinnah – BioSciences Society

Jinnah Society Of Life Sciences is all about scientific advancements. It aims to share innovations and spread awareness about the latest highlights in the life sciences field and the possible outlooks for the future.

We at the society are committed to providing excellent opportunities with the latest research to our students at Jinnah. We organise seminars and

Jinnah Sports Society

Sports are crucial for physical and mental growth and wellness. The Jinnah Sports Society aims to develop a culture of healthy competition. This society brings the athletes of the university together and helps them develop the sportsmen’s spirit.

We at the society keep our students busy and engaged throughout the academic year in different sports events and competitions.  In this way, the Jinnah Sports Society helps students maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We help them to develop stamina also for long-term physical and mental stresses.

The sense of healthy competition helps develop growing competition in the real world. Worl is full of challenges; at the Jinnah sports society, we aim to establish strategic solid senses and skills among our players.

Under the society, we also participate in sports events on various levels as per the university direction.

Jinnah Media Society

Jinnah Media Society offers a common platform for students from all departments to join and explore their talents in media. Field professionals, on various points, further assist them in improving their skills.

The media sciences are one of the most progressive fields today in Pakistan. With the upgrading of academics, the university has focused on the Jinnah Media Society. This laser-sharp. Focus helps us to keep our research and activities at the top of the class.

The Jinnah Media Society keeps its students active and learning throughout the year. We often conduct competitions, seminars, contests and meet-ups with professionals for our media students to learn more efficiently.

Jinnah IEEE Chapter

Jinnah IEEE is the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE) student branch. The IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for technology and engineering developments. Our members have an opportunity to learn graded skills and the latest advancements. Leadership, communication, technological developments and leadership are a few to name.

The Jinnah Chapter at IEEE focuses on enhancing professional skills by developing a solution-oriented attitude. This assists in fulfilling the aim to ‘be the change you want.

The chapter activities are exciting in nature, and they keep our students active and advanced. The workshops, speaker sessions, social functions and seminars are pivotal elements of our Jinnah IEEE Chapter.


At the Jinnah Electrical Engineering Society, we offer our future engineers to come together and have the most delinquent updates on the progress in electronics and engineering. Hands-on experience is also available in learning scenarios happening in society. The seminars, discussions, challenges and sessions are always on the go, which keeps the students up-to-date and engaged.

Furthermore, the access to latest industry-related newsletters and periodicals is available to our society. This is excellent support over time for our participants to keep themselves upgraded without much effort.


As the name suggests, the Jinnah Volunteer-in-service society is a society of volunteers that help in the hour of need. These volunteer their services for the betterment of the country.

Some examples are volunteering for nonprofits, religious setups, schools, homeless shelters, youth groups, and senior centres.


The Jinnah Entertainment Society is the cultural representative of Jinnah University. We have an exciting number of multiple events and dramatics throughout the year. The aim is to increase cultural awareness and touch among university students.

We offer stylish; country-bound dramas, skits, public speaking competitions, debates and singing competitions at various parties, concerts and other cultural events throughout the year. Our students love participating on every level in the programs scheduled under this society.

This entertainment society helps raise voices against the social odds and mishandlings in the social interactions in a lighter note and easy-to-understand outlook. We are proud of its expansion and power of positive communication.


The Management science society at Jinnah is related to the management sciences. It is a departmental society that helps in conducting events for awareness of the management subjects.

The seminars, guest speaker sessions, table talks, and discussions are often conducted throughout the 365 days.  Society has access to the periodicals and literature that offer the latest research to the students to have a better and up-to-date understanding of the research in the field of management sciences.

This Jinnah Management Science Society is massive in its scope. It is related to various specialisations that are offered inside the university. Students from all majors of management sciences can benefit from it.

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